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I hate to admit this to you all but I watched an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap this week.  Now, the mere use of the word “celebrity” is probably a stretch given who appears on that show.  And, this probably helps solidify hubby’s position that reality tv is rotting my brain but.. either way, the damage is done.  I watched it.  I cannot undo it.  I lost an hour of my life into a dark abyss of mind-numbing morons.  And, I’m no better… and quite possibly more stupid for having done it.  But oh well…..we all do things we regret!


Anyhow, this particular episode featured the Speidi couple.  Spencer Pratt and Heidi what’s her name… from that show that whatchamacallit show, that many people watched but I have no interest or knowledge of (pretty sure it’s called The Hills).  Needless to say, I’m unsure how these nobody’s could be known as “celebrities” because of this show.  But, I suppose it if can happen to somebody named Snookie… this isn’t a far stretch.


What struck me as absurd, was this bozo Spencer’s inability to behave like an adult.  Now, I’ve often referred to my own dear hubby as a child.. but this Spencer moron takes it to a whole new level.  His equally vapid wife desperately wants to have children and I got the impression he wouldn’t give up his self-indulgent, extra hour of sleep to tend to his wife’s severed limb much less a crying infant.    If I had ever married this kid (which I wouldn’t) I’d have to smother him during his blissful nap on the lounge chair.


So, it got me thinking about men taking that giant leap into adulthood.  Some men go willingly and welcome adult responsibilities – they hum happy songs as they mow the lawn, they make their own “honey do” lists with household projects, they learn all the settings on both the dishwasher and clothes washer. Some men get dragged (or rather nudged) along, kicking and screaming the entire way as they are pushed out of Mommy’s house into their own place so she can finally have an empty nest.. but they return home every weekend with a bag of laundry, they open mom’s cupboards and fridge and pack to-go bags of food, and they even cling desperately to a life with no commitments.  But, the vast majority of men, step into adulthood very slowly, by dipping one toe into the water with a solo trip to the grocery store… then, if all goes well, they may try to vacuum, perhaps an attempt at a pasta dinner, followed possibly by a made bed (WITH all the extra pillows!) and then maybe, just maybe – if they are feeling extra confident… a load of gentle cycle laundry (this one takes a lot of trust ladies!).


Before you know it… your husband has become an adult.  Ok wait… I took it too far.  Your husband is on his way to becoming an adult.  We all know that this is a long term project!


So… here are just a few ways you know your husband is “growing up”


  • He not only takes a trip to the grocery store but he actually looks around the house and in the fridge to create a shopping list. Not long ago hubby wouldn’t have even considered bringing a list to the store but after 10 years of marital training he did just that this past week…. I’m such a proud wife!
  • He returns from his Saturday morning outdoor chores and stands in the house admiring his own lawn. While the lawn itself may not dictate when it needs to be mowed (even though a normal person might disagree)… hubby does , in fact, set aside an official “lawn mowing day” each week and he (generally) sticks to this schedule for the entire summer. A scheduled, recurring, chore is a BIG step towards adulthood!
  • He runs out of undies and decides to do a load of laundry (all on his own!).  I’ll admit this one is still a work in progress… since only recently did I realize the underlying male struggle with understanding the need to wear clean undershorts each and every day. Hubby has, albeit on the rarest of occasions, popped in a load of laundry because he’s run out of something.
  • He, unprompted, puts sunscreen AND a sun hat on your baby/toddler. I know this goes against every fiber of his being to somehow be this domesticated.. but, he recognizes the importance and takes action to protect someone incredibly dear to him!
  • He actually hears the baby crying when it’s “HIS” night, without needing you to nudge him. This is likely never going to apply when it’s YOUR night (and he is obviously deaf).. but always remember this foray into adulthood comes in the form of baby steps……. And this is a BIG step – a BIG kid, taking care of a little kid!
  • He actually notices AND stops to pick up something dropped on your kitchen floor. Once your hubby is able to direct his Selective Vision towards things that actually need attention you’ll know he’s growing up!



I’m sure there are others and your list may indeed be longer than mine!  Some of the indicators I mentioned above may not actually be perfected in our home.    But as I mentioned before, it’s a long term project.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  And, it’s the path I have chosen… each day, my hubby grows up a teeny, tiny, bit.  Someday, hopefully before my son starts catching up to him, he will firmly step into adulthood and then we can begin to hone some of the skills he’s acquired to start coaching our son –so his wife-to-be will not have nearly as much work as I did!!


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Hello my name is The Wife…. And I have a coat addiction.


There I said it.  Out loud.  (of course “out loud” is to no one other than the baby  – who is currently sleeping, probably didn’t hear me, and likely wouldn’t care if he did).  But, they say that admitting that you have a problem is the first step…. Right?   Ok, it’s not so much a problem if it doesn’t hurt anyone…. Right??


I have been addicted to coats for about 20 or so years.  It probably started right after I got my first job out of college, since this was probably the first time I had enough money to actually go out and feed this addiction.  Coincidentally, this was likely also the time when I started to have enough places to go in order to actually have a need to wear multiple coats.


As of this exact moment, I have 35 in total (and, yes I actually did just go and count them – which was sort of eye-opening in and of itself).  Some women have shoe addictions (ok, I have that too… but that’s a post for a different day) but most of my attention is put towards outer wear.  I simply cannot resist a new, fashionable jacket that has a unique cut, or color that might, some day, look cute with a certain outfit (that I don’t even own yet……)  My addiction has grown well beyond the “coat closet” in our foyer.  It’s also taken over almost an entire closet in the spare bedroom, and necessitates a seasonally appropriate swap to ensure that coats downstairs are the right weight for the current weather. 


There are a few problems with this.


1)      My addiction has oozed over into hubby’s attire.  Now, you may be scratching your head wondering what the heck this means.   Well, my inability to pass up a fashionable, on-sale jacket may have trickled over into buying coats for hubby.  To date hubby has 14 coats….. yes, probably overkill for a guy. But, I can assure you, he looks mighty dapper (dapper –what a fun word, and not easily worked into conversation…..)  in each and every one of them!  If you were to add his coats to my coats, we could probably keep our entire block warm during the winter…. Which brings me to the 2nd problem………..

2)      The sheer # of coats might, just possibly, impact hubby’s ability to put away his coats.  You should probably read THIS POST about the # of coats that are NOT in our coat closet, in order to understand my dilemma.    Could I have created my own challenge here….. NO!! I’m not willing to accept any responsibility…. So, we’ll just move onto the next problem.

3)      Hubby seems to need his own intervention.   You’d think that hubby, who doesn’t necessarily understand my affinity towards outerwear.  Who doesn’t really “get” the need for himself to have 14 coats.  Who needs reminding that he has a different coat that might look better with an outfit.  Who complains that I have too many coats.  Who can’t cram his own coats into the coat closet because I have too much in there (WAIT – I just remembered, I’m not taking responsibility for this…..).  Anyhow, you’d think that he, of all people, would not feed into my addiction…… but you’d be WRONG!


With any good addiction, the person suffering from the problem is usually surrounded by some great enablers.  So, I’d like to share with you some evidence.


This, my dear blog readers, is a picture of one of my Christmas presents from this year, FROM HUBBY:

leather jacket 

 This, my dear blog readers, is a picture of one of my Christmas presents from 2 years ago, FROM HUBBY

 Red jacket


Yes, they are DAMN CUTE coats.  Yes, I will happily wear them.  Yes, I can already envision the cute outfits that will coordinate with my most recent gift.  Yes, I will find-a-way to squeeze it into an already overflowing closet.  Yes, I LOVE my gift… but heck, I ask you this?????  Who has exactly has the problem here??  Me, or hubby who, if he continues to buy me cute coats, will probably have to start moving his entire wardrobe into the shed in the backyard just so I have a place to put everything???!   🙂


And.. in honor of the “Why I Love My Husband” link up party at  The Happy Wives Club….  (my list started HERE in case you missed it)


Reason # 11 why I love my hubby is….. he buys me stuff that I absolutely do not need, but that he knows I will enjoy!

Reason #12  is…. he really is a good gift buyer (which is a huge complaint of most women) but my hubby has always been really, really good at this as noted here & here!



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Sorry I’ve disappeared…. I’ve been traveling for work this week and that always screws up my free time….. dang job!


Anyhow, here’s what’s on my mind this week!


I’m truly surrounded by absurd male behavior.  I mentioned last week that I was worried about a having a “mini-hubby” when we found out we’re expecting a boy.  But now, I think I’m coming to realize that due to the mere fact that it will be a BOY, even without hubby’s “mini-me” training, I’m just plain screwed.  Because men…. pretty much all men….. are just absurd!


I’ve given examples of my father-in-law, my brother-in-law and even my own father.  And today, I’d like to share one more story that might help illustrate the crazy world I live in.


As if it’s not enough to have tons of material from my own husband to blog about regularly, the other men in my life seem to love to “step it up” to keep me on my toes (or maybe they are all just hoping they’ll get a blog mention??)


Here’s a little back story.

A few years ago we had a new fence installed around our backyard.  We had some challenges with getting our gate to automatically close to ensure that our pool isn’t accessible to little ones and our dog can’t escape.  But my Dad, who is a wiz at stuff like this, swept in and fixed the problem for us….. voila…. problem solved (or so I thought).


Fast forward to the end of last summer.

My hubby is doing his summer chores and he goes out to mow the lawn.  Afterwards, he comes in and says… “Did you do something to the gate?”  “No why?”, I respond.  “Well, the closing mechanism is all different than it was last weekend”.   Hmmm… well, unless the fairies have now taken on mechanical tasks, there can really only be one explanation.


So, I call my Dad…..


Me: “Dad, do you do something to the gate this week?”

Dad:  “Yep, I was wondering how long it would take you guys to realize it!”

Me: “Well, it’s not like we go into the backyard every day….. we do have jobs you know.  So anyway, hubby just mowed the lawn and he noticed that it’s not closing right again”

Dad:  “Not closing?”

Me: “Yeah, before, Maggie (our dog) couldn’t run away but now it seems that she might have free access to the outside world”

Dad: “Hmmmm, ok I’ll look at it again”

Me:  “Uhm, Dad?

Dad: “Yes?”

Me: “Why exactly did you mess with our gate at all?   It’s been fine for quite a while, and we didn’t ask you to fiddle with it?”

Dad: “Well, I didn’t like the way it looked.  When I fixed it a year ago, I wasn’t totally happy with the closing mechanism, so I came back this week to improve it”

Me:  “Interesting….. you didn’t ‘like the way it looked’ and so you improved it???  “But it was fine… AND more importantly it was closing…. and now it’s not.  Not so sure that’s an improvement”


So the next week my Dad was back at our house fiddling with the gate.  You see, my Dad is a “fiddler”, and he’s also a perfectionist – a potentially lethal combination for a man. He’s always got some sort of a project going on and he likes to tinker around the house (ahhhhh… the joys of retirement!).  So, after a few tweaks, the gate is closing again – HOORAY!


Thank you Dad… for fixing a gate that we didn’t know needed any fixing.


Fast forward to this summer.

Hubby goes out to mow the lawn.   “Hon” he says, “I think your Dad is at it again.”  “What do ya mean?” I reply.  “Well, the latch on the gate is different again”


Oh boy… I thought we were done with this.


So, I’m at my parents house.


Dad:  “You guys aren’t very perceptive are you…..”  he’s taunting me

Me:  “Is this about the gate?”

Dad: smirking “Ah, so you did notice”

Me: “I noticed that you are once again messing with a gate that’s working perfectly fine..”

Dad:  “Well, it may have been ‘fine’, but now it’s ‘more than fine’.  I have improved it!”

Me: “Are we done with this one?  Can we move on from creating projects out of things that are not projects?  I mean if you’re looking for things to do, I’d be more than happy to make you a list of things that actually need doing!”

Dad: “I think we’re done.  I’m pretty happy with it now.”

Me:  “Gee thanks, I’m happy that you’re happy…..”


Mom: she pipes in from the background  “Well, I’m not happy…..   He keeps leaving the projects he should be doing here to go and mess with your gate!!”


And there you have it.   Yet another man trading off his time to create projects from thin air just to avoid doing projects on the To Do List!   This procrastination, avoidance, prioritization by men is just simply mind boggling!!!!!!!!!!!


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I often wonder how Santa could have been so organized and successful at managing his “list” when most men I know avoid lists at all costs.  If I had to bet, I’d say that it was, in fact, Mrs Claus that was making a list and checking it numerous time throughout the year.


I only say this based on my own experience of list creation, management and maintenance.


You see, hubby seems to have an aversion to writing or using lists for just about any circumstance.  I, on the other hand, am a dedicated list maker.


  • I make grocery lists – even if they don’t seem to help hubby
  • I make long term “To Do” lists – these could include projects that we need to complete this year or within the next 5 years
  • I make general shopping lists
  • I make question lists… meaning I do a heck of a lot of prep work before we meet with any sort of service providers and I always have a list of questions to ask
  • I make task lists.. which could include things like: go to the bank, buy stamps, pick up dry cleaning, make a dentist appt. etc..


I guess it would be fair to say, that I’m on list overload.   I get it, not everyone is as list crazy as I am… and by no means, do I expect hubby to adapt to my over-zealous list addiction.  HOWEVER, I’m hard pressed to understand why he wouldn’t take advantage of my compulsive behavior.  The interesting thing here is, that more lists I make, the more hubby is apt to run screaming from my organized plans.


Case in point, I mentioned yesterday that hubby used my grocery list when he went begrudgingly on his yearly trip to the supermarket… this, my friends, is a rarity.  What happens more frequently is that hubby stumbles on a need we have in our house.  This could happen randomly and unexpectedly and then BAM!  he comes home from work one night with a box of toothpaste.


“Gee, thanks for buying toothpaste hon, but how come you didn’t get anything else on the list?”  we keep a running list of stuff like this in the kitchen

“Cause I didn’t use the list.  I saw this morning we were running out of toothpaste so I stopped at the store during lunch and bought some”.  He’s proud of his initiative!

“That’s great babe… but if you’d grabbed the list, we’d also have more soap which we are almost out of”


Do you celebrate the effort… or do you scratch your head as you cross walk into the kitchen to cross “toothpaste” off the list?


And, it’s not just shopping lists that he seems to avoid at all costs.


This past weekend we were having a handyman stop by to do some work for us.  As we were discussing his arrival,  I merrily declared… “Ok, let me make a list of everything he needs to do”.  To which hubby replied  “I already have a list”.  ooohhhh…. ooooohhhh, I’m excited to hear this!.  “You already have a list?  Great, can I see it?”.  He says “Nope, you can’t see it, cause it’s all up here.”  as he taps the side of his head……UGH!  I thought we were getting somewhere and dippy here, is hiding away his “mental list” – as if writing it all down would somehow leave his head even more empty than it already is.  You’d think he’d be happy to have another box in his head that’s filled with NOTHING! (if this makes no sense visit this post HERE).   But no, he’s stashing away all his secret lists… most likely to ensure that I’m not able to add anything to them!!!


Anyhow, he confidently declares that he doesn’t need to write anything down since he won’t forget anything.  And, I bite my tongue as I want to remind him that if he “remembered everything” we have enough soap to shower tomorrow.  But then I realize, that this is a futile argument since hubby would be perfectly ok with washing his entire body with shampoo …. and I chalk this one up as yet another battle that I will never win.


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This is probably one of the most recurring topics in this blog (probably only 2nd to TVs/Electronics).

  • It one of the chores that I despise the most. 
  • It’s one of the most time consuming activities each week.
  • It’s one of the chores that hubby really won’t take on himself… unless he’s already worn the same pair of jeans, the last 4 days in a row, AND he’s accidentally spilled something on them.


It therefore happens to be one of the chores that has fallen squarely onto my lap, as one of my responsibilities.   And, just for the record …. I HATE it.


But one thing that I haven’t really blogged about is what happens to the laundry AFTER it’s washed.


I may have been suckered into taking on dirty clothes duty – and this task does have a few steps involved like pre-sorting, heat-drying, air-drying, and folding.  But, I draw the line at putting all the clean items away.  So, after I’ve done a number of loads of laundry and meticulously folded all the clean clothes, they make their way into well sorted piles on our bed.  These piles are formed in a manner which should simplify the next steps of putting them into drawers, or moving them to the closet.  The undies are all folded nicely, the t-shirts are sorted into like colors/materials.  The jammies are in one pile and the work out attire in another.  Jeans are neatly folded, socks are all paired together….. I swear folks, I couldn’t make this process easier.


Now, if I were to stop this story here…. and ask you to finish it, I wonder where you’d take it.  I think, for those of you who have been reading for a while, you may be able to guess where I’m headed with this.


To help you out, I’ll give you a few multiple choice options: 


After the clean laundry is placed on the bed………

a)  Hubby neatly takes each pile and puts the clothing into the appropriate drawers and/or closet

b)  Hubby thanks me profusely for doing this chore and offers to put ALL the laundry away (including mine)

c)  Hubby sets up the ironing board to press certain items before hanging them neatly in the closet (did I go too far off the deep end with this one??)

d)  None of the above


Well, as you may have guessed.. the answer would, of course, be: 

 d)  None of the above.


The real answer would go something like this…..


Hubby takes the neatly placed and sorted piles of laundry off the bed, and moves them to the floor into a crooked, falling over, mis-matched mess.  This way he can retire for the evening without having to spend any time putting these clean items away.  And then, he lives off this floor pile of clean clothes for about a week or so… or at least until the next weekend when I do another load of laundry and make my neat, orderly piles on the bed again.  And, since I’m fed up that he’s living out of a pile of clean laundry off the floor… I wind up picking up these items and ADDING them to the new piles on the bed.. and then, the vicious cycle continues!

 Bed – Floor – Bed – Floor ……………..

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In honor of our wedding anniversary I thought I’d take a moment today to reflect on how my dear hubby has changed over the past 7 years.


Earlier this week I mentioned my very first 1st post on this site, a post that addressed the question of “Do Things Change When You Get Married”.


I’m of the opinion that everyone changes as they go through life.  So, to expect that nothing will change in your relationship once you are married is just pure insanity.   Once you get married, the stakes are higher, and expectations are greater because everything you do, now 100% impacts another person.


A while back I made reference to bursting hubby’s bubble.  He lived a happy, ignorant existence and I forced him to explore new things and expand his horizons.  I think this may indeed be a life long battle for me (he is a stubborn one – dang it!)  But, every year I make a teeny, tiny bit of progress and I will never give up.  He’s truly come a long way over the years and today I’d like to pay tribute to the progress he’s made and to celebrate how far he’s come….


  • When I met hubby he was a smoker….  Not only did he quit smoking but now,  he’s even a little bit afraid of the casual cigar night with his buddies (My stink-free bed is celebrating!)
  • When I met hubby he tucked Every. Single. Shirt.  into his pants (and I do mean every shirt… casual camp shirts, sweatshirts .. you name it!).  Today he’s learned to stylishly let it all hang loose (no, dirty pun intended 🙂 )
  • When I met hubby, the only tool he knew how to use was the telephone (to call someone to come fix things)… now he has his own tool kit and has actually acquired a “fix-it-myself” mentality
  • When I met hubby he knew only 2 colors:  Black & White.   Now, I’ve actually heard him use the words “mustard” and “olive” to describe colors (sorry hon, I’m sure you didn’t want your friends knowing this!)
  • When I met hubby he didn’t know a damn thing about home decorating and now he knows the difference between a sconce and a finial.  (I didn’t say he CARES… but he does know!)
  • When I met hubby he was living at his mom’s house.. where she cleaned up after him, fed him and did his laundry…. Now, he cleans up, no wait, I do that……he cooks…. hmmm, wait, I do that too.. and oh hell, he doesn’t even know where the laundry room is…. Scratch this one completely…. I guess I got a bit carried away………….
  • When I met hubby he probably opened his own mail & paid his own bills… and now, well heck, he doesn’t do any of this either… I guess maybe this one’s not a great example??!!
  • When I met hubby he’d eat an entire box of cookies himself and now…. Well, he always leaves one in the box for me… now that’s love (or laziness – but I’ll probably never know for sure!)


As I’ve mentioned before… it’s important to celebrate small successes.  And, the fact that hubby mows the lawn (even if it’s only on “lawn mowing day”) and does half the chores (meaning 50% of a given task not necessarily 50% of the total tasks) is a step in the right direction….. right??!!    


After all, I’ve dedicated myself to a lifetime of hubby training.. and I’m only 7 years in.  I’m sure hubby would be the first to tell you that “challenging” me is the key to a happy marriage.  Because otherwise, in his demented mind, I’d be “bored” if he made my life too easy.   Gee… thanks for always thinking of me hubby! 


Happy Anniversary Babe!


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It’s been an insanely busy work week for me.  And, if you read hubby’s guest post this week, you know that he’s on a staycation.  He took advantage of the fact that he’s got more vacation time than I do this year, to do the following things this week. (I recently started a new job so I didn’t have enough vacation time to join him!)

  1. Sleep in late   (as I drag my sorry butt out of bed early to commute 1 ½ hours to my regional office)
  2. Float around in our pool with his buddies & our dog   (and call me a couple of times during each day to share weather reports)
  3. Watch movies & tv, or play video games   (only on the overcast days….)
  4. Hijack my blog   (w/ my permission of course.. .but, don’t you worry…my rebuttal is coming!)
  5. A whole lot of nothing    (a staycation is apparently not a “staycation” if there’s any true activity)


It’s this last item (#5) that I’d like to spend some time on.


Of course I understand that when you use a vacation week it’s supposed to be time to relax, reenergize & get some much needed downtime.  I’m all about downtime and taking a break from work.  In fact, if I’d been able to enjoy a week of staycation with hubby I would have been thrilled.


I suppose the challenge for me is that I’m a “do-er” and hubby is a “relaxer”.  I actually have an incredibly difficult time unwinding enough to lie around and do absolutely nothing.  On any given day while we’re watching tv, I am up & down… moving stuff around in the kitchen, paying bills, back & forth form the basement doing laundry and so on.  I always have like 25 things floating around in my brain that make it tough for me to sit still.  Hubby, on the other hand, values his downtime.  And, he’s mastered the art of doing nothing.  He’s even on occasion told me that watching me move around the house with constant activity causes him stress.  I’d like to think this “stress” is just his subconscious making him feel guilty that I’m working and he’s not helping… but I’m sure this is wishful thinking!


Anyhow, much like hubby’s declaration that Sundays Are A Day Of Rest, apparently so are staycations.   A few years ago hubby & I scheduled a joint staycation.  I was all excited to get a break from work AND to get a few projects done around the house.  Nothing crazy.. but some projects that had been sitting our on our to do list for a while – tasks that would probably take an hour or two at the most (like organizing the garage so we could actually put a car into it).  And then, hubby rained on my parade and told me that I was “under no circumstances” allowed to “fill our staycation with chores”.  He declared that a staycation is a “week of rest”… just like Sundays.  So that week, while hubby sunned himself by the pool, I did a few projects on my own because I needed to feel like I accomplished something with an entire week off at our house.


So, there we were last week.. hubby’s individual staycation was fast approaching and he gave me a reminder declaration… “You know that I have no intention of doing any work/chores while I’m home next week.. right?”.  To which I reply “Why would I expect you to do any work… I know your rules…..”.   And, I begrudgingly accept the fact that he won’t clean up the garage or spackle the bathroom or put up the railing in the basement or, any other things that are on the “to-do list”.  BUT, what I didn’t realize was that he literally meant NO WORK.


Me:  “It looks like the light bulb is out in the bathroom…. Could you run out and grab a new bulb this week?”

Hubby:  “Nope… I’m on staycation.  No work!”


Me:  “Was it difficult to open the trash cabinet today, since the bin is overflowing onto the floor and needs to be emptied?”

Hubby:  “Nah, it wasn’t that hard, I could probably get a few more things in it.”


Me:  “Why is the grill in the middle of the deck still?”  (this is on day 4 of staycation…)

Hubby:  “Because I haven’t gone up there yet to move it”


Me: “Are you gonna mow the lawn today.. it’s looking pretty high?”

Hubby:  “Nope, it’s not lawn mowing day…”

Me:  “Doesn’t the lawn sort of dictate lawn mowing day?”

Hubby:  “Nope.. I do”

Me:  “Ok, but we are starting to look like those neighbors, and you’ve been home all week”

Hubby: “I’ll mow the lawn on lawn mowing day


These are just a few examples of “no work” in action over the past week.   I know, once again you are thinking damn.. .she’s a lucky woman!  


I will be honest and tell you that although the above conversations are 100% true. That today, on day # 7 of hubby’s staycation, he’s actually accomplished 50% of the above “chores”.

  • The light bulb is actually changed (and this is because we happened to have one in the drawer)
  • He did actually move the grill to it’s proper place (this probably took all of 2.6 seconds)


As for the other 2 items..

  • I’m the one who took the trash outside
  • And… and our lawn is still incredibly overgrown and desperately awaiting lawn mowing day….

So, here’s my open apology to my neighbors.   I’m sorry, dear neighbors, that you need to look at our lawn in this condition…. it was obviously beyond my control as hubby was on a “no work staycation”.    But don’t fret lawn mowing day (which I think is Saturday) is almost here!


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