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It’s been a whirlwind couple of months at the THD household.


We kicked off November with ear tube surgery for mini hubby.    This was necessitated by about 14 million ear infections since we started day care (ok, maybe not 14 million – he was after all, only a year old.  But, let’s just say one little munchkin shouldn’t have been on as many consecutive doses of antibiotics as our little guy was).  About 2 weeks after surgery, mini hubby was toddling along, and as new walkers tend to do… he toppled right over……… fracturing his little mini wrist.  Have you ever seen an x ray of a of a tiny little hand.  It’s like a freaky, mysterious picture with tiny floating little bones…. It’s just NUTS!

Xray Nov 2013 (2)

None of this stopped him.  He still laughed, and giggled and toddled around the house like he was a skilled tight rope walker (minus the tiny balancing line and plus a whole new dimension to balancing with his itty bitty little cast).     Hubby could learn a lot from the little guy.  He’s tough as nails and none of this phased him.  No awfulizing.  No grumbling.  No complaining.


Then Thanksgiving week came and mini hubby brought home the plague from day care…. And, it wiped out the entire family.   I think it was Rotavirus. And, if you’ve never experienced lovely ailment… I’ll say a little prayer that you never do.   Hubby and I spent all night with dueling bathrooms as we raced past each other to vomit and twist ourselves into a pretzel as we agonized with the worst abdominal pain ever.  A few days earlier,  mini hubby had vomited a bit, cried a bit and then toddled around the house throwing blocks and racing cars.  Man, he’s a trooper… and he recovered quite nicely as his dad and I prayed for death for a full 24 hours as we dealt with this doozy of an illness.


You may recall how hubby deals with sickness (if you forgot you can get a refresher HERE).  For me, it was simply wonderful.  There’s just nothing better than throwing up all night and then getting out of bed the next day to care for your toddler and your sick husband…. All the while, wondering how you could possibly vomit more when you haven’t eaten anything for hours upon hours.  This lovely day ended with a trip to the ER to treat hubby for dehydration.  Yes folks, it’s been a fun holiday season.


So we are definitely in need of some Christmas magic… BUT, we are getting there….. S L O W L Y……

I have revived the Hubby Diaries version of “A Very Married Christmas”… if you’ve missed it (or would just a reminder chuckle – click HERE or on the image below!)

Christas Poem 2013


Now if only the Christmas magic would wrap my presents AND bake my cookies AND clean my house AND finish my laundry AND.. AND… AND……


HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!   Hope your holiday season has been less dramatic and more pleasant than ours so far……………………………….

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In honor of my dear hubby… 

“A Hubby Christmas Poem”


‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the kitchen
There was crap everywhere and I couldn’t stop bitchin’
Dirty dishes were stacked on the counter with care,
As hubby ignored them, I gave him a glare


The laundry sat piled in mounds on the floor
I had just started sorting, but there still was much more
Hubby started to grumble, and I started to nag
We had just discussed cleaning, as I picked up a rag


When down in the basement, arose such a clatter,
I ran down the stairs, to see what was the matter.
Away to the Man Cave I flew like a bird
I worried and wondered about what I had heard


I braced myself as I made my mad dash
Perhaps something was broken, there had been loud crash
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a loud movie playing, and a cup filled with beer!


I stood for a moment, unable to think
Was he watching a movie and having a drink?
More rapid than eagles, mean thoughts came to mind
As he grinned and retreated and cowered in kind


“I’m sorry, I’m stupid, I’ll clean & I’ll scrub”
I’ll vacuum, I’ll launder, I’ll scour the tub”
I promise I’ll help you, I’ll help clean the house
He muttered and stammered as meek as a mouse


He grabbed the remote and shut off the TV
He arrived in the kitchen and stood beside me
He sheepishly smiled and picked up a dish
The magic of Christmas.. I was getting my wish


And then, as I baked, and started to cook
I heard hubby humming, so I just had to look
The vacuum was running, the dusting was done
If I do say so myself, he was having some fun


The laundry was folded, the beds were all made
The cookies were baking, the bills were all paid
As a team we can do more, I had to decree
And, as much as he fought it, he had to agree


That evening we snuggled, the chores were all done
Our home was now ready for holiday fun
I told him I love him and he said, “love you too..”
“But, don’t expect cleaning, when there’s man stuff to do!”



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