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Last night hubby told me he was “multi-tasking”.  He was, and I quote…..”eating dinner & watching tv at the same time”.


We all know that women are far better at juggling many different tasks at once.  We’ll even at times, stop in the middle of one task, to quickly complete another as we’re walking by.


A very basic example…


If I’m brushing my teeth and notice that there’s a speck of something on the mirror, I’ll grab a towel and clean it off (all the while still brushing)

Hubby on the other hand (in this same scenario).. has actually PUT the speck of stuff on the mirror, while he was brushing his teeth.  But, “cleaning day” is Saturday so the speck will have to wait.


Men can really only focus on a singular task at hand.  And, even with their focus on one, and only one task…if at any time they feel “overloaded”, watch out for a full system shut down.  Perhaps this is another factor in male sleep mode.  It’s obvious they’ve been asked to do too many things at once and their system just can’t handle it.


So, in the true spirit of male/female comparisons,  I’ve come up with my own version, of what I believe to be an accurate description of the sexes.

(and you’ll notice that I use an ELECTRONICS example to compare ….this way it will be easier for men to pay attention & understand)


Women Are Like  Food Processors
food processor

  • They can slice, dice, chop, puree
  • They often come with attachments that can do a whole assortment of other things
  • They have a variety of settings & speeds
  • The output could be a whole assortment of foods & tasty treats
  • If you get too close to it while it’s working, you could lose a finger


Men Are Like Toasters

  • You can only put things in and out in one specific way
  • It really only runs on 2 settings… on & off  (or,  hot & cold)
  • If you leave anything in there too long it comes out charred & burned
  • Even if you find one with bells & whistles, the only output is really still…. just toast
  • If something gets stuck and you try to pry it loose, you could be electrocuted



This is not to say, that a toaster does not provide a valuable service in my home.  There’s actually nothing better in the early morning than a freshly toasted bagel!  But,  if I’m cooking a dinner…. you better believe that I’d take the mulit-tasking ability of my food processor over the toasting ability of my toaster! 

And, I’d probably do it while juggling 4 or 5 other activities… all while hubby “eats & watches tv”!


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