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Yes, I’ve been missing for a LONG time.   Needless to say, I’ve resurfaced for a day to give you a throw back Christmas post from long ago in THD history.

Where have we been?  Well, we’ve been busy… you know, the kind of busy that can only come from a tornado of a 4 year old.   It’s a good busy.  And a tear out my hair, barely know my name, busy.  But all-in good.   Maybe someday, I’ll find time to get back into blogging – MY OH MY, DO I MISS IT!

If you’ve missed me…. let me know.   It would be awesome to hear from you – IS ANYONE IS STILL OUT THERE READING!?   PLEASE SHOW YOURSELF and let me know if you’ll still be here when I find time to write again!

Anywhoooo… in the spirit of the holiday.  Please ENJOY this throw back!




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Well, I’m coming up for one brief gasp of air.   I simply cannot remember the last time I was this busy for work.  Needless to say, I haven’t been home enough to keep up with the blog.


I also haven’t been home enough to move the TP roll from the counter to the holder (I know how difficult it is to extend your arm that extra 2 feet hubby…..)


(at the time of picture taking, we were on 4 days and counting)


And… I haven’t been home enough to pick hubby’s dirty clothes up off the floor


(at the time of picture taking…. we were going on a full week..)


But, I did have a moment a week or so ago to stumble upon, what very well may be, the Best. Present. Ever.  for dear hubby.  I was Googling something random and this image popped up on my screen. 



It was simply fate for me to come across this.


Who knew that there are either other insane men out there in the universe who think they are 1/2 Mayor & 1/2 Ninja…. OR, somebody, somewhere, reads my blog and decided to custom design an item specifically for my hubby.


So, needless to say, I had to order one and I happily presented this surprise to hubby last Friday.   Perhaps I’m truly my own worst enemy…. I’m now supporting hubby’s absurdity by buying him a Half Mayor, Half Ninja badge that he can proudly wear.  And, let me just say…… he is indeed treating this like an affirmation & absolute proof  that he worthy of the titles he’s bestowed upon himself.


And… if this isn’t making any sense to you… please read:

This – I Am The Mayor

And This –  The Fruit Ninja Architect 


I guess I have to take some responsibility for creating my own monster…………


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