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It Looks Like A Speck!

For those of you who have a general understanding of my hubby (and basically this is anyone who has an “annoying” man in your life).  You’d probably be surprised if I told you he could recognize a speck of anything……


And, I can only say this with confidence since things that are large, in plain sight, and threatening to jump out at him seem to somehow miss his line of vision.  So the likelihood he’d see something as tiny as a speck would be pretty dang slim.


BUT…… what if that speck were something entirely different than a actual speck?


I write this post today to share some exciting news at The Hubby Diaries household.   I’ve mentioned recently that I’ve been incredibly busy and that we had some things going on that I couldn’t blog about.  Well today I can actually share some news with you all.   I’m happy, excited, terrified, and pretty much generally overwhelmed to tell you that we are expecting our first child!


Now, this is normally exciting news for any new parents but it’s particularly good news at our house because I’m convinced everyone in our lives had pretty much given up on any endeavors for us to bring a mini hubby into this world.   You see, hubby and I have been married for over 8 years and have happily lived a very selfish lifestyle filled with lots of travel, late nights of drinking, sleep-in mornings, and many do-anything-on-a-whim decisions.   But, our lives are obviously about to change.


Over the years, anytime anyone asked me if I had (or wanted to have) any kids I always responded with the same statement…. “I already have a kid… he just happens to be 35, 36, 37 (fill in the appropriate age) years old”   Anytime I blogged about his awfulizing, or food quirks, or inability to clean, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have 2 children in the house.   So, I guess I’m about to find out.


So, what’s the with speck comment?


Well, in true hubby fashion, there’s always absurd stuff coming out of his mouth.  So, when we went for one of our first ultrasounds and we got to see the baby, it was really not any bigger than a speck on the screen.  So hubby, in the most loving, and ridiculous fashion, dubbed our unborn child “Speck”.  He refers to Speck all the time….. “When Speck comes out he’s gonna want to flatten his cheese“.   “See, I can tell Speck already loves Chipotle“.  “You know, your life is gonna be really tough when Speck arrives and you have to deal with both of us”.   “I bet Speck is only going to like cheese pizza“.


Yes folks, I have months & months of this to look forward to.    I’m guess it’s too late to turn the clock back now but if Speck truly turns out to be a “he”, I can’t imagine how difficult my life will be once hubby has a cohort in our house to “train” to be a mini hubby….. which he’s already all excited to do.


I suppose for all of you this is good news, because hubby’s absurd daddy-to-be behavior has already begun and it does indeed make for good blog fodder.  So, stay tuned for new stories (I’ve already got a few from the past few weeks that I’m sure you’ll enjoy!).  And oh, wish me luck that I survive the next few months without killing the daddy-to-be!


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