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We’ve had a lot of rain lately and last night hubby had to do some repair work on the sump pump in our basement.

Hooray for hubby stepping up and taking initiative!!  I’m proud of him.. I really, truly am — I may have mentioned that when I met hubby he didn’t own any tools, had never repaired anything and, all-in-all, had a lot of growing to do in the department of manual labor.

I am however happy to report, that he’s come an incredibly long way from one of the first big projects we did.  If I may, let me take you on a small tangent.

When we first moved into our current house, our home office was covered with brown wood paneling.  Hubby declared that this project would take us “no time at all” and that he’d be done in a weekend.  As we started pulling down paneling we found that the sheet rock was not salvageable and that we had a horrible ant infestation underneath one of the windows and, his self-declared easy weekend job, left us with a project timeline (and an incredibly dusty home) for well over a month.  We learned some new skills from this project and it has provided us with a guideline for all future projects.

Something like this..

Hubby: “We should be able to tile our shower in about a week”

Me: “Oh yeah?  Just like the office?”

Hubby: “We’ll have those 20+ yards of mulch spread in less than 4 hours”

Me: “Oh, yeah?  Just like the office?”

Hubby: “Fixing those cabinets should be easy..”

Me: “Sure….just like the office?”

Needless to say, hubby’s ability to tackle a job has grown tremendously but, his ability to gauge the timeline of a job has, unfortunately, not grown at the same pace.

Anyhow… this post is actually not about home renovations at all so let’s get back on track… Hubby has repaired our sump pump… HOORAY!

He comes back up from the basement.. mumbling about what a dirty job it was.  How there was mud, and dirt and he plops down a variety of items on our kitchen counter and heads to the sink to wash his hands.

I am not in the kitchen so I can’t see everything that’s going on….

Me: “Please tell me, you didn’t just put dirty tools & stuff on the counter”

Hubby: “Do you think I’m stupid?”

Me: “No, I do not think you are stupid”

Hubby: silence

Me: “You are just going on and on about how dirty everything was and all I hear is you putting stuff onto the counter”

Hubby: “I did not put dirty stuff on the counter.. and, I’m honestly upset that you think I’d be so dumb”

Me: “Honey, I don’t think you’re dumb.. but, if you’ll humor me for a moment… I’d like to remind you of a time….”

Hubby: “Don’t say it..”

Me: “But, I feel the need to explain to you why I’d even ask such a question”

Hubby: “I learned my lesson.”

Me: “But, you do recall the time you put your dirty shoes on the kitchen table?”

Hubby: “Yes, and I remember you freaking out about it.”

Me:  “Well, you did put dirty shoes on the table we eat on”

Hubby: “Yes, but have I done anything like that since?”

Me: “No”

Hubby: “Then why do you act like I can’t change”

Me: “Honey, I know you can change and I wasn’t trying to say that you couldn’t, it’s just that I remember you not understanding why I was even upset about the shoes.”

Hubby: “Well, I learned from that and I wouldn’t do it again”

Me: “Ok, I’m sorry”

Hubby: “It’s not worth hearing you freak out on me..”

Me: “Huh?

Hubby: “I’d rather not have you yelling at me so I won’t ever do it again…”

Me: “So, you don’t actually agree that dirty shoes don’t belong on the table.  The only reason for your decision to change is so I don’t bitch at you?”

Hubby: “Pretty much..”

Again, I have to say it…. I will possibly never understand the mind of a man.  Instead of agreeing that DIRT doesn’t belong on kitchen tables and counters, his behavior modification is SOLELY to ensure that I do not bitch at him.

It really does boggle my mind!  If you understand it….. please help me out!

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