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In honor of a blog link up being hosted this week at The Happy Wives Club (which is all about why we love our husbands) I’m re-posting a list that I originally put on the blog after my 1 year blogiversary.   It’s funny sometimes to go back and read old posts because it very clearly shows me that with time…. nothing really changes……   LOL!  (I’ve been blogging here at THD for over 3 years now, and hubby provides me with just as much material today *perhaps more with the addition of his mini-me* as he ever did 3 years ago).


So, without further ado….


I’ve decided to note all the reasons I love my dear hubby (read as: put up with all his annoying behaviors). Because let’s be honest, if hubby didn’t have at least some redeeming qualities I would have run screaming from the house a little over 9 years ago!    This list is slightly modified from it’s original form (with some “modern day” updates!)


And, in true Hubby Diaries fashion… I will of course put my own spin on the reasons hubby is so awesome! So, here we go….


10 Reasons I Love My Hubby


10. I only catch him rolling his eyes at me occasionally (and this is usually when I’m singing commercial jingles or 70s songs while we’re in public)

9. He actually does know where the laundry room is when it REALLY counts…  (just wish it hadn’t taken 9 years to know this little tid bit…..)

8. He tries to keep our bedroom clean (this is of course by filling his closet & drawers with trash & crap – and, I suppose this would actually be “clean” if I never opened any of these secret hiding places)

7. He helps me practice my linguistic skills by making me repeat myself over and over and over and over………

6. Sometimes he empties the dishwasher

5. He ALWAYS leaves at least one, solitary, lonely, cookie in the box (although I’m still not sure if this is because he’s thinking of me OR because he doesn’t want to have to be the one to throw away the box)

4. He has a firm understanding of the definition of an “insane amount of poop” and yet, he will still change a diaper!

3. His food quirks provide me with endless hours of entertainment

2. He ensures that our house is always filled with the biggest, best & newest technology (No, hubby… this does not mean it’s time for a new TV!)


And the #1 reason why I love my hubby…..


1.  He puts up with the fact that I blog about every silly little thing that he does!!


(and, after over 3 years of blogging… he still provides me with more material than I know what to do with!!!)


If you’d like to visit the blog link up to find other “Why I Love My Husband” lists please visit The Happy Wives Club by clicking the image below

Why I Love My Husband


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As much as I pick on my dear hubby, and as annoying he can be, he truly has moments where he really is a great guy.


This past weekend he illustrated, beyond a shadow of a doubt,  that he has the capacity to do truly nice things.


Hold on to your hats…. I’m about to drop a doozy on you!


This weekend hubby went shopping….. I know, shocking!!!!   (as you know, hubby HATES shopping)

Not only did he go shopping BUT, he went to Costco on a weekend…. yikes!!!

And… here it comes…… he went shopping to buy toilet paper ……. holy crap (no pun intended)!!!!


But, my dear blog readers it does not end there.  No it does not.  As if it wasn’t enough that he went out to buy a staple home item, a paper product, a product that he, himself, thinks fairies deliver to our house.  I added one additional item to his shopping list.   An item that breaks all man code.  An item that makes grown men whimper.  An item that relates to a topic that cannot be spoken out loud…..


Yes folks……Hubby also went to buy………….tampons …. gasp!!!!    I admit it, I sent my loving husband to do the one thing he abhors (shop) and to make it entirely worse, I asked him to buy female products….. the horror!!!


Now, one might say that his agreement alone to purchase this unspoken woman product would show that’s he’s not a bad guy after all.  But the story doesn’t end here.


ring-a-ling….. ring-a-ling (that’s my cell phone ringing)


“Hi Babe” it’s hubby calling

“Hey, I’m at Costco and I can’t find the tampons you want”

“Well, they’re usually up front by all the toiletries”

“Yeah, that’s where I am, but I don’t see them”

“They should be in a pink box… you really can’t miss them”

“I’m standing here…. Always, Kotex….. pads, panty liners”  he’s now reading the boxes to me – out loud!!

“No hon, those are all pads… not tampons.   You’re in the right area, just move to the tampon section”

“I seriously don’t see them”

“I don’t think that’s possible… maybe they moved them?”

“Geez, I’m gonna have to ask someone”  WOW.. he’s gonna ask someone???????????

“Ok, call me back if you need me”

ring-a-ling….. ring-a-ling (it’s 3 minutes later)


“Did you find them?”

“Nope, I asked the woman who works here”


“And, she started by asking me if I looked up.  So I replied, Yes.  I know I’m a man, and if it’s not directly eye level we generally don’t see it but I did indeed look up.  So, she walked over to the area with me and helped me look.  And it doesn’t seem like they have any.”

“Awwww babe….. you asked the woman to help you find tampons…..” 

“Yes, and you know, there were a good 5-6 women standing around all giggling at me…”

“Thanks hon”

“So anyway, you’re out of luck.   And oh, by the way, I bought some steaks.”  as if somehow this makes his excursion more Man-ly…….


So, there you have it folks.  Either hubby spent a good 30 minutes concocting a story that was detailed enough to explain why he wasn’t coming home with tampons or, he really is a good guy.   I’ll let you be the judge!



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Ahhhh.. the day of Amour…….

The Definition of a Day w/ Too Much Pressure!

 Valentine’s Day.


  •  A day filled with love and smiles and happiness and romance….. aaaaaahhhhhhhhh…


  • A day filled with cheesy candy hearts, boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers.


  • A day filled with pressure, over-priced dinners and impossible to please women.


Or even better yet, as hubby likes to call it … “One Of The Most Dreaded Days Of The Year!”


As you all know, since hubby is an awfulizer, it’s not sufficient for him to say that he’s not a fan of Valentine’s Day or that he wishes it wasn’t so commercialized.


He’d rather say “I hate Valentine’s Day” and complain that “it’s a concocted holiday to create too much pressure and make men all over suffer”. 


And mind you, I’m not one of those gushy women who have high expectations of dozens of roses, boxes of jewels and extravagant gifts.  Nope.  All I want for Valentine’s Day is an excuse to have a date night with hubby.    You may remember that I had the same request last Valentine’s Day!


Now, we actually go out to dinner a lot, but most of these excursions are a run to a local chain restaurant or hubby’s favorite spot, Chipotle.  And, we’re usually wearing our post-work grungy clothes. My simple Valentine’s request is that we put on nice clothes and go to a place where they’re not wearing pins on their aprons or asking me “Do you want to super size that?”.   I’m a reasonable gal, and that’s why I didn’t even mention anything about hubby cooking me dinner because I know, that even on Valentine’s Day, that’s just a pipe dream.


So we start talking about where to have dinner about a week or so ago and we can’t think of any local restaurants that get us excited about going out to eat.  I think part of the problem is that so many places set those dang pre-fixe menus where you’re forced to choose from like 5 entrees for something like $50.  (A meal that probably cost $25 last weekend!).  So, we talk ourselves in circles and eventually agree on a spot.  All the while, hubby is grumbling about “every place marks up on Valentine’s Day”   “I hate having to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day”.


So of course I say to hubby…. “you know, you could make every-day Valentine’s Day…. a little romance in our lives wouldn’t kill you…..”.  His response – grumble…. grumble…grumble… 


So, I guess my key learning today is that romance can mean different things to different people.  And, we each express our love for each other in different ways…….

For me it could be dinner out at a nice restaurant (or, of course, him throwing away his empty soda cans -but I won’t go there today….). I think, for hubby, romance entails making a Chipotle run as I lounge around in my pjs.  I guess at my house, romance comes by way of a nice warm chicken burrito (and, if he’s feeling extra frisky….. sometimes even some extra sour cream…… NOW THAT’S LOVE!)




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Yes, I’m making the obligatory Valentine’s Day post.


If you write a blog about marriage & relationships, I suppose you can’t let the magical day-of-love pass you by without acknowledging it. 


Valentine’s Day is not however, celebrated in our house in the most traditional way.  I do like the concept of the day.. to remind you to show appreciation to the one you love.  I think that many of us simply don’t take the proper amount of time to do this throughout the year.  We are too busy bickering about vacuuming, laundry & empty soda cans.


At our house, you will not find huge bouquets of flowers, no boxes of chocolates, no sprinkled rose petals or glowing candlelight.  If you’re a regular reader you probably have a generalized impression of hubby and you know that the “romance” in our lives doesn’t come in a traditional package.


That doesn’t mean that we don’t like to hold hands or cuddle on the couch but let’s just say, that the candles we have in our bedroom have never been lit and our whirlpool bathtub has only been used like 3 times since we’ve lived in this house (which by the way.. is years).  So, on Valentine’s Day we don’t miraculously become different people and all of a sudden become all mushy-gushy.


I even mentioned to hubby that he could surprise me with a romantic evening with soft music and candlelight and all I got in response was a snort and a change of topic.  Normally we use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to have a date night and enjoy a good meal at a new restaurant.  We don’t exchange presents and the day generally passes just like most others.


So yesterday, our day started like most others but with a few tiny twists… I surprised hubby with Boston Crème donuts for breakfast (his favorite) and he did indeed surprise me with some flowers. We then went out for an amazing dinner together.  It was a very sweet and enjoyable evening.


One thing that we do normally do is exchange cards.  I absolutely love to buy cards for people.  I’ll spend hours looking at cards, I’ll travel to multiple stores to find just-the-right-one and I take a lot of pride in always finding the perfect card.  But this year, I think the prize may go to hubby.   He found a Valentine’s Day card that was seemingly custom made for us.


It was so perfect that I’d like to share it with you.


Front of the card

(notice that the character on the card – much like hubby – is a little crazy and is standing on his head)

Inside of card

And there you have it..  Hubby found a card that captures our lives and conveys the message that we are truly made for each other.  Our lives may be filled with miscommunication (or lack of communication), dirty laundry, over-sized tvs, and cleaning battles but, at the root of it all, is an understanding of each other and laughter.  Without which we’d probably have killed each other long ago!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Valentine’s Day this past weekend.    And, if you have a great story about your day and/or gifts you gave/received please feel free to share!

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I had a male moment last night…. And, hubby was all too happy to point it out to me.

Of course, he didn’t refer to it as a “male moment” but nevertheless, that’s how I would categorize it! 


Let me set the stage for you….


How often have you gone to get some ice cream, cookies, milk, toilet paper (fill in your own items) only to find that there is all but nothing left for you?

Maybe there’s a scoop of ice cream, a dribble of milk, or quite possibly 2 squares of TP in the bathroom?  Sometimes it’s simply because hubby didn’t go to the pantry to move the spare rolls, or it might be because he didn’t put it on the shopping list so you knew to go buy more.

Either way, he’s been thoughtful enough, to ensure that he saved some for you.   It’s his way of showing his love… he consciously decided to not eat the last cookie and to not fully empty the TP roll because he loves you and wants to illustrate he’s good at sharing. 


I truly appreciate this demonstration of his love… I really do. 


But, what I’d appreciate more is attention to detail, which seems to be a challenge for many men.  Look, we all have our “brain fart” moments.  Where we overlook obvious things, forget silly stuff, and maybe even opt for laziness at any given moment.  I’m the first one to admit, now that I’m unemployed, that I have Mush Brain, and have seemingly lost some of my mental acuity. 

Which brings me back to last night….

We regularly keep a 12 pack of soda in our fridge .. one of those card board dispensing “fridge packs”.  So, we are about to have dinner and I grab myself a can of soda and sit down to eat.


Hubby goes to the fridge and opens it up to get himself a drink



Hubby:  looking into the fridge “you do know what you did, don’t you?”

Me:  “no, what?”

Hubby:  pulling out an EMPTY cardboard fridge pack (no comment was necessary as I can now see how stupid I am)

Me: “I didn’t… did I?”

Hubby:  “yes, I do believe you did”

Me: “oh man, I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me”

Hubby: “it’s fine, but I just needed you to SEE that YOU did this”

Me: “I’m sorry, I know… I complain about you being oblivious all the time and, I just did it myself”

Hubby: “I don’t need to say anything, but I just wanted you to see this”

Me: “I know, I’m stupid.  I told you I have mush brain lately.  And yes, you are welcome to bring this up next time I complain that you’ve done something brainless”

Hubby: “no, problem honey.. I’m not saying one word about this.. but you did see it right?

Me:  “yes, honey… I see it”

Hubby:  “love you”

Me: “love you too”


There you have it.  A replay of my complaining coming right back to bite me in the ass. 

So, honey.. right here in front of all these online people.. I’m sorry, I guess occasionally I do stupid stuff too.


But before I wrap up, one quick question…. Why is there only 1 Mallomar left in the box?

I know, I know… it’s cause you love me.

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