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Dear Foursquare,


I’m writing today to share a serious grievance.   I sincerely hope you are willing to accept the role you’re playing in the demise of my otherwise perfectly happy marriage.


You were not welcome on my vacation this past week and yet you stowed yourself away in my husband’s pocket.


You were not welcome in the lobby of the resort and yet, there you were.


You were not invited to lunch by the pool and yet, you were there also.


I did not see your credit card as we checked in, nor did I see you provide any assistance as we applied sunscreen at the beach and yet, you lurked in the corners of hubby’s home screen.


Who are you, to declare my husband to be The Mayor of the resort in Cabo San Lucas?  Who are you, to allow hubby to ‘check-in’ to the hotel before our room was even ready?  And who are you, to give him the authority to declare the cactus by the pool to be “his”?   


I can only assume that your intentions were good as you allowed hubby to uncover hidden badges and seek out tips.  I can only hope that you were not trying to weasel your way into a frozen cocktail as you awarded hubby points for his global travel.  And, I sincerely hope you realize the impact you had on my week of relaxation as I had to be reminded by hubby, numerous times, that the pool & beach “belonged to him” since he was The Mayor and, as such, I had to request permission to enjoy any activities around the resort.


Should I ever find myself tossed aside, as many other wives of politicians all over the nation, I will have no one to blame but you.  For it was you, and only you, who declared my husband to be the mayor of places both near & far where he would have no shot in hell of ever being elected into office.




The Mayoress (which apparently grants me no privileges whatsoever……………)


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