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I had a male moment last night…. And, hubby was all too happy to point it out to me.

Of course, he didn’t refer to it as a “male moment” but nevertheless, that’s how I would categorize it! 


Let me set the stage for you….


How often have you gone to get some ice cream, cookies, milk, toilet paper (fill in your own items) only to find that there is all but nothing left for you?

Maybe there’s a scoop of ice cream, a dribble of milk, or quite possibly 2 squares of TP in the bathroom?  Sometimes it’s simply because hubby didn’t go to the pantry to move the spare rolls, or it might be because he didn’t put it on the shopping list so you knew to go buy more.

Either way, he’s been thoughtful enough, to ensure that he saved some for you.   It’s his way of showing his love… he consciously decided to not eat the last cookie and to not fully empty the TP roll because he loves you and wants to illustrate he’s good at sharing. 


I truly appreciate this demonstration of his love… I really do. 


But, what I’d appreciate more is attention to detail, which seems to be a challenge for many men.  Look, we all have our “brain fart” moments.  Where we overlook obvious things, forget silly stuff, and maybe even opt for laziness at any given moment.  I’m the first one to admit, now that I’m unemployed, that I have Mush Brain, and have seemingly lost some of my mental acuity. 

Which brings me back to last night….

We regularly keep a 12 pack of soda in our fridge .. one of those card board dispensing “fridge packs”.  So, we are about to have dinner and I grab myself a can of soda and sit down to eat.


Hubby goes to the fridge and opens it up to get himself a drink



Hubby:  looking into the fridge “you do know what you did, don’t you?”

Me:  “no, what?”

Hubby:  pulling out an EMPTY cardboard fridge pack (no comment was necessary as I can now see how stupid I am)

Me: “I didn’t… did I?”

Hubby:  “yes, I do believe you did”

Me: “oh man, I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me”

Hubby: “it’s fine, but I just needed you to SEE that YOU did this”

Me: “I’m sorry, I know… I complain about you being oblivious all the time and, I just did it myself”

Hubby: “I don’t need to say anything, but I just wanted you to see this”

Me: “I know, I’m stupid.  I told you I have mush brain lately.  And yes, you are welcome to bring this up next time I complain that you’ve done something brainless”

Hubby: “no, problem honey.. I’m not saying one word about this.. but you did see it right?

Me:  “yes, honey… I see it”

Hubby:  “love you”

Me: “love you too”


There you have it.  A replay of my complaining coming right back to bite me in the ass. 

So, honey.. right here in front of all these online people.. I’m sorry, I guess occasionally I do stupid stuff too.


But before I wrap up, one quick question…. Why is there only 1 Mallomar left in the box?

I know, I know… it’s cause you love me.

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