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In honor of a blog link up being hosted this week at The Happy Wives Club (which is all about why we love our husbands) I’m re-posting a list that I originally put on the blog after my 1 year blogiversary.   It’s funny sometimes to go back and read old posts because it very clearly shows me that with time…. nothing really changes……   LOL!  (I’ve been blogging here at THD for over 3 years now, and hubby provides me with just as much material today *perhaps more with the addition of his mini-me* as he ever did 3 years ago).


So, without further ado….


I’ve decided to note all the reasons I love my dear hubby (read as: put up with all his annoying behaviors). Because let’s be honest, if hubby didn’t have at least some redeeming qualities I would have run screaming from the house a little over 9 years ago!    This list is slightly modified from it’s original form (with some “modern day” updates!)


And, in true Hubby Diaries fashion… I will of course put my own spin on the reasons hubby is so awesome! So, here we go….


10 Reasons I Love My Hubby


10. I only catch him rolling his eyes at me occasionally (and this is usually when I’m singing commercial jingles or 70s songs while we’re in public)

9. He actually does know where the laundry room is when it REALLY counts…  (just wish it hadn’t taken 9 years to know this little tid bit…..)

8. He tries to keep our bedroom clean (this is of course by filling his closet & drawers with trash & crap – and, I suppose this would actually be “clean” if I never opened any of these secret hiding places)

7. He helps me practice my linguistic skills by making me repeat myself over and over and over and over………

6. Sometimes he empties the dishwasher

5. He ALWAYS leaves at least one, solitary, lonely, cookie in the box (although I’m still not sure if this is because he’s thinking of me OR because he doesn’t want to have to be the one to throw away the box)

4. He has a firm understanding of the definition of an “insane amount of poop” and yet, he will still change a diaper!

3. His food quirks provide me with endless hours of entertainment

2. He ensures that our house is always filled with the biggest, best & newest technology (No, hubby… this does not mean it’s time for a new TV!)


And the #1 reason why I love my hubby…..


1.  He puts up with the fact that I blog about every silly little thing that he does!!


(and, after over 3 years of blogging… he still provides me with more material than I know what to do with!!!)


If you’d like to visit the blog link up to find other “Why I Love My Husband” lists please visit The Happy Wives Club by clicking the image below

Why I Love My Husband


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In honor of Thanksgiving week, I thought I’d reflect on the wonderful life I have with my dear hubby and put together a list of all the things I am thankful for…..


So, here goes……


 10 Things I am Thankful For:

  1. Mallomars are only available for a few months each year (otherwise I’d have to do cookie battle 365 days a year)
  2. Chipotle burritos (prevents me from never having “nothing” for dinner)
  3. A Man Cave (where else would we store the dancing hamster, his PlayStation and 42 empty soda cans????)
  4. Our cleaning ladies (even if they don’t always clean well, they still do it 1345 times better than hubby!)
  5. Foursquare’s “ousting” of Mayors
  6. A spot to always put our keys to ensure that hubby can never lose his (oh wait….  a “key spot” doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything……..)
  7. A household filled with fairies  (Dang it… I keep forgetting that the “fairy” is me…………..)
  8. The existence of a “Super Frosty Highway(because it makes me smile to see hubby happy!)
  9. That hubby’s constantly changing food quirks always keep me on my toes (and more often than not, rolling my eyes!)

 And ….  #10

For having a marriage filled with laughter and a wonderful hubby who let’s me make fun of him non-stop and who doesn’t mind that I share his absurd behavior with pretty much anyone who can read.




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