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Well, they say that variety is the spice is life.  And, although I can’t say who they are, I’d tend to agree.


I like to try new things, visit new places, eat new foods & meet new people.  I could go on and on.  I guess it could be said that I can get bored rather easily (yes, I am a Gemini!). I like the fact that every day is different.  It’s probably one of the main reasons that I’m not cut out to work a 9-5 desk job.  The monotony of day-in-day-out sitting at a desk, doing the same thing over and over, makes me want to rip my hair from my head and run screaming from the room.  This does have it’s negatives because I never know what each week will bring but hey… I like it that way!   Hubby, on the other hand, does not.


If hubby were to step one day into my life, I think his head might seriously explode.  Hubby likes consistency.  He’s perfectly happy knowing that tomorrow will be similar to today.   He is not necessarily a fan of new things, he hates people (ok, this is one of his dramatic over statements, that’s probably driven by his morning commute….) and well, you all know how hubby feels about eating new foods.


One phenomenon that I don’t understand is what I like to call hubby’s food rut (and no, I don’t mean the rut I’ve been know to dig into his cheese….)


Stay with me and I’ll explain this a little further.


Hubby gets stuck on one food item that he can literally eat day-after-day, week-after-week.  I don’t understand this behavior but it’s true.  If I asked him right now what he had for lunch yesterday he’d probably tell me a turkey sandwich (this is apparently turkey month). He had a turkey sandwich yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that and, more than likely, every-single-day last week.  His ruts can last for a month or longer and then, all of a sudden, one day, he’s moved onto something else that he’ll be stuck on for at least a month.  So, even though this month might be turkey, next month could easily be pizza.


This food rut is not isolated to lunches during his work day.  It extends to almost every single meal.


For the purpose of this story I’ll have to admit that I don’t really cook.  Although, just for the record: I didn’t necessarily say I can’t cook (I actually think I can hold my own in the kitchen).  But, it’s not something that I devote a lot of time to, I don’t regularly grocery shop and I’d rather spend my time doing other things.  And lord knows, that hubby doesn’t even know where we keep the pots & pans so it’s not like he’s whipping up gourmet meals!


Sooooooooo, we either order in, or eat out…. A LOT!


Any night, when I ask hubby what he’d like to eat, his response is almost always a burrito.  Yes, we would win the frequent eater prize at Chipotle because we eat there more than any other people I’ve ever met (Hey Chipotle!! Did you hear that??  You should send us some free coupons or something… Hubby is your biggest fan!!).   Anyhow, hubby could eat a burrito every night without batting an eye.   I, on the other hand, can only eat the same thing so many times without my taste buds going numb (although I do like me a good burrito!)


So, here’s what I’ve learned over the years….. while you can take a man and introduce him to new foods (many of which he really likes), when it comes down to it, he’ll always revert back to his “safe place” if you don’t keep pushing him. 


Some people would call it being pushy…  I prefer to think of it as gentle nudging


So, Honey….. just remember, when I continue to push you towards a little variety…. I’m only trying to spice up your life.  Always remember ….. a man (and his wife) cannot live on turkey & burritos alone!!


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A vacation dinner conversation.


Me: “What do you think you’re gonna have?”

Hubby: “I’m not sure, I’m between the salmon or the chicken”

Me: “Really?”

Hubby: “Yeah why?”

Me: “I don’t know… I guess cause I read the whole menu, and I was pretty sure you’d decide on the pork”

Hubby: “The pork, really?

Me: “Yeah, they have a shredded Mayan pork”

Hubby: “I like that?”

Me: “Well, you love pulled pork, don’t you?”

Hubby: “Yeah, I guess so”

Me: “Then why wouldn’t you like this pork?”

Hubby: “Uhm… I don’t know…”

Dinnner arrives.


Hubby: “This is one of the best dinners I’ve had”

Me: “I figured you’d like it”

Hubby: “I guess I forgot that I liked pork”

Me: “Why do I know what you eat better than you do?”

Hubby:  “I have no idea.. but thanks!”

I’ve mentioned that hubby has come a long way with regard to expanding his food choices beyond hamburgers, pizza and pasta but I think sometimes, even years later, he forgets that his new repertoire is rather large.  And, he definitely has trouble translating the fact that he enjoys a particular taste to trying a new food item.

Hubby has many idiosyncrasies when it comes to food (which I’ll have to explore in other posts). But, I think he’s finally settled into a happy place and he’s open to trying almost all new things.

Although there was that one Ginger Incident that I think has irreparably damaged him.

One of my happiest days was convincing hubby to try sushi.  In my eyes, this was a huge accomplishment because when I first met hubby he “didn’t eat seafood”.  Not just a couple of items, this was a proud declaration he made that any and all seafood items were disgusting.  So, little by little I introduced him to light, white flaky fishes.. “oh, these are pretty good”.  Then we moved to steak like fishes “wow, these are really good”.  So, I felt pretty excited to start a slow sushi introduction… and, all was going well until the ginger.

Hubby:  “What’s this pink stuff?’

Me: “It’s actually ginger”

Hubby: “What do you do with it?”

Me: “Well, I actually don’t like it, but a lot of people love it.  Some people put it on their sushi, other people just eat pieces of it.  It’s used as a palate cleanser and it’s supposed to aid with digestion.”

Hubby: “Will I like it?”

Me: “I have no idea.. you should just try it.  I personally think it’s gross, but like I said, many people love it”

Hubby: “You don’t like it.. but I should try it??”

Me: “Yes, you should try it”

Hubby: (pops a piece into his mouth …… gagging, spitting, choking sounds…). “What the Hell?  Why did you make me eat that?”

Me: (giggling) “I told you I thought it was gross”

Hubby: “But you didn’t tell me it would be the worst thing I ever put into my mouth”

Me: “Honey, how would you know if you didn’t like something if you never tried it? Now you know, and you never have to eat it again”

Hubby: “Yeah but, I’m not sure if I can ever trust you again”

What’s the takeaway from this ?? Well, every single time after the Ginger Incident that I’ve suggested that hubby try something new I get… “Is this gonna be anything like that ginger, cause if it is, I’m gonna hate you……”

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