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By now you’re probably realizing that my dear hubby has far more quirks than the normal guy…


You may have also realized that many of his idiosyncrasies have to do with food items.  Whether it’s flattening his cheese, trying new foods or avoiding items that “require too much work”, hubby likes stuff just a certain way.


Over the years I’ve come to accept most of these quirks although, I’ll admit, I never pass up the opportunity to make fun of him every now and then… after all, how else would I find things to blog about??


Today’s quirk comes to you courtesy of a story about hubby actually performing a chore at our house.  I know, I’ll give you a moment to sit down.  It is shocking after all.  And, you may even need another moment after I tell you which chore he actually did.


Are you ready for it??  Hubby took dishes out of the sink and put them into the dishwasher.  OH MY!  It must have been a magical day.  Either that or he was feeling mighty generous and he offered the fairies a mental health day.  Either way, rather than putting items into the sink, he was actually taking them out of it.  (I was giddy with joy!!)


Here’s where this new quirk comes in…. (well, it’s not a new quirk.. but it’s new to the blog….)


As he removed a dish from the sink he commented.. “This isn’t a tuna fish bowl…. You made tuna fish in an ice cream bowl!”.  I replied.. “You’re kidding right?”.  And of course he said..”Nope not kidding.  You put tuna into an ice cream bowl”.


Now for those of you with all your mental faculties, you’re probably thinking.. what the heck is he talking about? A bowl, is a bowl, is a bowl.  And, many years ago I was right there with you, but I’ve learned through our marriage that sometimes it’s easier to just entertain hubby’s moments of craziness.


So of course I say to him “Ok honey, which bowl should I have put it in?”  And, he says.. “well, the green bowls are the tuna bowls”.  Ah yes, the green bowls…. Silly me!


Hubby has actually has decided that certain bowls in our house serve a defined purpose. 

We have ice cream bowls.


We have cereal bowls.


We have tuna fish bowls.


We have pasta bowls.



I can assure you that messing with the designated usage of each bowl could quite possibly throw the entire universe out of whack.


Not only are certain bowls assigned to certain tasks but hubby will actually clean a dirty bowl if necessary, in order to have the right bowl for the right food item.  Yes, just in case you missed that statement…. My hubby will forego all his other chore-avoiding tendencies to remove a dirty “ice cream” bowl from the dishwasher and wash it in the sink if he wants to eat ice cream. 


There is, in fact, an ice cream eating ritual when it comes to using the correct tools.  I kid you not.  Not only is there an ice cream bowl BUT, there’s a specific ice cream spoon that MUST be used to put the ice cream into the bowl.  Simply no other utensil will do. Not a big metal spoon, not an alternative scoop….  Nope, there is one and only one type of bowl and one and only one type of scoop…


And don’t even get me going on glassware… there’s the water glass, the milk glass, the protein shake mug… I think you get the (absurd) picture!


Yes, my dear blog readers… this is how things roll in our house…..don’t you wish you could come over for a visit??


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