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Ever since we added a mini hubby to our lives last year, my days have all blended together.  My free time is no longer free and my blogging time has dwindled down to almost nothing.  Every. Single. Day.  I wish my job would stop bleeding over to my personal life, so I actually have time to do the things I enjoy (like write this blog).  But alas, work doesn’t care about my passions… they care about my productivity.  The baby also doesn’t really care about my passions… he cares about being fed and changed and creating a mini tornado of toys in my home.


So, no one cares about the blog but me.  And I have no time for me.  So here we are:  Stalemate.   Sad but true and I miss blogging every day.  Maybe, if anyone out there still reads the blog… you miss me too.  I miss you… and ME.   Hmmmmm….. what a downer I am!


Anyhow, I couldn’t let this week pass without finding some time to share a post…… BECAUSE….. THIS IS ANNIVERSARY WEEK at my house.  And, it’s a big one.

Hubby and I have been married 10 years this week.   WOW.  10 years.  I can’t believe it so I’ll write it again.  10 years.


10 years of crumbs.

10 years of stepping over stuff on the stairs.10th anniversary

10 years of repeating myself over and over and over.

10 years of debates over new electronics.

10 years of enough food quirks to fill an entire book.

10 years of holding hands.

10 years of zaniness and absurdity.

10 years of laughter & love.


In the past I’ve shared some Top 10 Lists with you.


10 Reasons I Love My Hubby (looking back – this was on our 7th anniversary!)

10 Things I’m Thankful For

10 things I would do if it was the last day of the world (ok, it was really 8 things… because heck, you shouldn’t overburden yourself if the world is ending!)


And today, I’m about to share another list.


10 Reasons That 10 Years is Just The Beginning


  1. It could take a lifetime to properly “train” my hubby.  Either hubby is a particularly obstinate case or I have won the jackpot.  [If my father-in-law is any indication, I have many, many, many (yes FIL – that’s THREE many’s!) more years ahead of me to help hubby be “the best he can be”…. Sorry mother-in-law.  I feel your pain!]
  2. I have only repeated myself self 14,687 times.   And, I can easily say the same thing 89,973 more times…. So I’m nowhere near capacity on asking hubby to wipe crumbs from the counters.
  3. Technology improves quicker than I can blink and hubby NEEDS me so he’s not hypnotized by all the magical promises made by those devils at Sony & Samsung that would entice him to buy a new TV Every. Single. Year.
  4. Without me, hubby wouldn’t eat pickles or pork or seafood or sushi.  It may take me 30 more years but Dang It… I’m not giving up until he’ll eat an ear of corn or a bbq spare rib!
  5. Fairies DO NOT exist.  And, if I wasn’t around, hubby may have to face the reality that the fairies wouldn’t clean up after him, do his laundry or cook his food… YIKES!
  6. There’s a lot more blog to write…. plus, I don’t have a book contract or a TV show yet based on hubby’s absurd behavior.  So, I will wait patiently.
  7. This is only our first year with mini-hubby, and it will take many more years for hubby to realize that all his qualities that make this blog funny, have been passed on to his son… and ya know what? Watching him, watch his son, repeat his behaviors, will in many cases be poetic justice  😉
  8. I like eating cookies…. And as long as he’ll always leave me one (even if this is only to not have to throw away the empty package) I know we’re a good pair for the long haul
  9. He always keeps me on my toes.  Even if I happen to be on my toes so I don’t hurt myself skirting stuff left on the stairs or maneuvering around crap left in the kitchen.
  10. Through the good times and the bad.  Through the tears and the smiles.  Through the laughter and the silliness.  There is no one else who I’d want by my side.

Happy Anniversary Baby…

Still holding hands as we walk together towards the future!  LOVE YOU!




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Many people say that men never truly grow up.  Heck, I’ve probably made that same statement about hubby more times than I can count.  And yes, I’m about to do it again.


It all started last Thursday when a package arrived in the mail.  I happened to be home at the time (which is a rarity these days).  After I signed for it, I took note that it was addressed to hubby and placed it on the counter to await his arrival.


When he got home from work he furiously tore into the package and disappeared into the other room.  I never saw the package again. 


Now, I consider myself to be fairly perceptive and his disappearance and subsequent lack of conversation about this package, led me to believe it was some sort of anniversary present.  (Yesterday was our 8th anniversary!).  And, since the box disappeared and we all know how good he is at hiding gifts (see here) we can only assume he is learning from this blog!


Ok, so it may not have been just the disappearing package, perhaps it had more to do with the other “subtle” comments he had made throughout the week about our anniversary.  Things like……

  • “I have quite the coup for our anniversary”.  To which I replied, “you’re overthrowing a government for our anniversary?” 
  • “I am the Best Gift Giver. EVER”.  To which I replied, “I’m not sure you can bestow this title upon yourself?” 
  • “If I can pull this off, you are gonna absolutely love my anniversary present”.  To which I replied.  “You’re setting the bar pretty dang high you know…”

What hubby didn’t realize was that the more he built up this amazing, fantastic, perfect gift – the higher he brought my expectations.  And that my dear blog readers, is a mighty slippery slope in the world of marriage.  You always want to under-commit and over-deliver.  Or, more likely, just keep your mouth shut and over-deliver.. but hubby’s childlike enthusiasm was getting the best of him!  (And, just for the record he’s a pretty good gift giver… you can read previous gift giving posts here & here)


So, on the 5th consecutive night last week, as we were laying in bed and he was savoring the thought of being the Best Gift Giver In The World, he stated once again, “you’re not gonna believe this coup”.   And I said, “you really like using that word ‘coup’ huh?  I’ve heard it like 10 times this week”.  And he replied.  “yes I do indeed like that word, and it’s the most appropriate word for the coup I’ve pulled off.” 


So, back to the arrival of “The Package”.


That night he starts to taunt me….


Hubby:  “Want your anniversary present?”

Me:  “Uhm no.. our anniversary is on Monday”


Twenty minutes later…..


Hubby:  “Want your anniversary present?”

Me:  “The anniversary is still on Monday”


Friday night we’re on the couch watching tv…..


Hubby: “Want your anniversary present?”

Me:  “Do you need to check the inscription inside your wedding ring to verify the date”? (my ingenious way to ensure he can never claim he doesn’t know the date of our anniversary).

Hubby:  “Nope, no need to check.  I just thought that you might want it now since it’s soooooo awesome”

Me:  “I have patience. I will wait.”


Saturday night we’re at home…..


Hubby:  “Want your anniversary present?”

Me:  “You’re like a child”

Hubby:  “It’s so awesome.  I can’t wait to give it to you.”

Me:  “Should we start exchanging Christmas presents on the 23rd of December?”

Hubby:  “No”

Me: “Then why should we do gifts before our anniversary”

Hubby:  “Because it’s such a coup!”

Me:  “There’s that word again…..”

Hubby:  “I’m just so anxious to give it to you.  Ok, we can exchange Christmas presents on Dec 23rd”

Me:  “I will still wait until Monday”


Sunday night we’re sitting at home…..


Hubby: “Do you want your anniversary present?”

Me: “Hon, you’re really not letting this go huh?”

Hubby:  “It’s just that I won’t really see you tomorrow.  We’ll be at work all day then we’ll both be tired when we come home.”


he’s wearing me down…..


Me:  “You really want to exchange gifts tonight?”


Me:  “Ok, fine”


The words are barely out of my mouth when  hubby tears off through the house like a child who was just told he could have an elusive piece of candy that he’d been begging for all week.


And, I’ll tell ya what.  It was quite a coup.



This is not *exactly* what hubby bought me but it's the closest I could find!

Admin Note: Hubby had remembered how much I admired some jewelry on a trip we took to Mexico.  This was from a custom jewelry collection by a Mexican artist.  An artist whose name we didn’t write down and couldn’t remember at all.  Hubby scoured the internet to dig up his name, he contacted him directly and ordered a beautiful piece from his collection to be shipped to us from Mexico.  It was one of the best presents he’s ever given me… all the way from remembering I liked these pieces, to the creative effort it took to dig up this jeweler’s name, to all the work he put into selecting the perfect piece and getting it sent in time.   THANK YOU HUBBY FOR A WONDERFUL ANNIVERSARY!  And, if you are interested, the artist is Hector Salgado and I am just totally in LOVE with his collection!



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