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It’s been a whirlwind year here at the THD household….. and it’s been a crazy year outside of our home, with disasters and devastating events around the world.  At this time during the holiday season, tell your family how much you love them, hold your little ones tight and smother them with kisses and be thankful for everything you have.

From our family to yours… Have a VERY Happy Holiday!


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Once in a while an opportunity pops into your email box.  No Ellen DeGeneres didn’t email me inviting me to be on her show.  Nope, Oprah didn’t tell me she wants to fulfill all my Christmas wishes and fill my house with presents.  And no, I didn’t win the Nigerian lottery of $15.68 million dollars (oh wait, Yes I DID – I just need to email General Counsel Abdul my social security #, my bra size and my left big toe –hmmmm… can you even email body parts – it’s sounding kind of fishy……..)


While these all may have (and would still be – minus the cutting off my toe part) great emails to receive, the email I’m referring to came from 2 gals over at Life Well Blogged.  These girls are doing something kind of cool that might actually save you some time and provide you with a chuckle or two.    Who on earth has time anymore to scour the internet looking for great blogs?? Not me (I barely have time to write a blog, much less search for funny in the blogosphere!)  And, heck you’ve obviously ALREADY found the best blog out there *almost pulls a muscle patting herself on the back*.   But if you’re anything like me, you can truly appreciate funny stories when they come your way.  And, that’s where Life Well Blogged comes in.  They have actually looked for funny all over the internet and have pulled together some of the most hilarious posts they’ve come across and compiled them into an anthology of sorts.  They have a multi-part series of eBooks that feature some of the top funny blogging women out there….. including (Drum Roll Please……………..) Yours truly!!!  Yes, someday I hope to write a book of my own, but between poopsplosions, holiday battles and putting away everything hubby puts down, this may not happen any time soon!  So, I’ll have to celebrate the next best thing which is my contribution to their just launched eBook “To Bliss And Back”.


This book is available on for download on Amazon (you can find it here) or click the image below.

To Bliss And Back

This is the 2nd book in their series.. the first book is No Laughing Allowed (I’m not in this one since I just met these ladies this week!).


And, their next book… which WILL include some of my posts will be Holly Daze:  Underachiever Extraordinaire


These books sure don’t break the bank @ $2.99 and, these ladies are doing a few really nice things.  50% of the proceeds are being donated to Sandy Relief Efforts (and this is near and dear to my heart since I live at the Jersey Shore).  They will also being giving away a Kindle Fire as soon as they hit 1000 downloads (this series has just launched this month!).  You just have to sign up for their newsletter for updates on new eBooks in the series.  Newsletter Sign Up can be found here: http://lifewellblogged.com/contact


So, all-in-all pretty good and just in time for the holidays…. BUT WAIT….. there’s more!  (I’m now feeling like a game show host, which is sort of tacky so I apologize).  They have also given me copies of To Bliss And Back to giveaway here at The Hubby Diaries!  HOOORAY!!!!


Here’s what you need to do.  Leave a comment below telling me why you’d like to win or just share The Hubby Diaries on any platform (Facebook, Twitter etc) and then leave a SEPARATE comment below for each entry telling me where you shared the site.  (oh and, feel free to tell people how much you love THD!)    Or, you can also do your own blog post about this giveaway and you’ll get 2 entries for your post (please leave the link in the comments)!  I will randomly select winners (notice I used the plural here since I have more than one book to give away!!) next Monday, December 24th (Just in time to give yourself something for the holiday – unless of course you’re celebrating a different holiday – then it’s just a random day present for you!!!)


Just to recap.. get out there and share this site and be entered to win your own eBook copy of To Bliss And Back.  And hopefully you get a few good laughs, and find some funny new blogs during the process!


Become a fan of The Hubby Diaries on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thehubbydiaries


Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thehubbydiaries

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I guess I’m now an official “Mom Blogger”. I always hated that term (in the most truly-non-hateful way). I mean heck, it was like some exclusive club that I couldn’t join. I mean, all “Mom Bloggers” do not necessarily blog about being a mom… but they still all seem to belong to the same club and get special club benefits that us lowly “Wife Bloggers” could never attain.


But now I have officially entered the club. Some of you might be saying, geez…. you’re not even a “blogger” anymore much less a “Mom Blogger” and to you I say “PHOOEY!”. You try being a “Mom Blogger” and you’ll see how little free time you actually have. And, while the baby certainly plays a role in my posts, I can assure you that the focus will continue to be hubby and not me “being a mom”!


Anywho…. I do have a ton of stories I want to share with you but Thanksgiving has screwed me up once again. In the meantime I thought I’d take a moment to ask you to take a second out of your day (or every day for the next 6 days) to vote for The Hubby Diaries on the Circle of Moms website. Now that I’m a member of the Mom club I’d love it if you could help me get into the top 25 blogs. I’ve recently been included in the running and as of right now I’m lingering somewhere near #60, but I know with a little help you guys could easily help me move up a bit.


You can vote daily (if you really like me :-)) but the voting ends on November 29th. You can just click on the badge below and scroll down through the list of blogs to find The Hubby Diaries!

Thanks a ton for your help!!

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A BIG Surprise!

In case you are wondering where the heck I’ve disappeared to………………..


I’m happy to report (or a little bit shocked to report……) our new little bundle of joy arrived WAY early.


In true mini-hubby spirit, our son, who is obviously much like his daddy – and working on his own timeline and agenda – decided to join us about 3 1/2 weeks early……. and OH BOY! were we NOT ready for him.     Please see HERE, where you’ll be reminded that the the nursery was still not painted.  Add that to about 15 bazillion other things that were not done, ready, purchased or decided… and, well, welcome to my chaotic world!


Sorry, I’m working through sleepless nights, and a house that’s a total disaster area and I’m still trying to sort out which end is up.  But, as soon as I can I’ll be back to sharing some new stories with you……………..

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I don’t know what happened this week.   I blinked and it was Friday (sort of good because the week flew by, sort of bad because I feel like I lost a week!)

Work has been crazy, baby prepping/planning has started, I celebrated a birthday (officially old – as my body is reminding me!) and I spent a day driving through a monsoon – the weather here has sucked this week!

Anyhow, while I have plenty to blog about, I’m hard pressed to grab the free hour I need to get something real posted.  I am certainly looking forward to a 3 day weekend to catch up a bit.

So, in light of wanting to tell you to all enjoy a great Memorial Day weekend……….


I should be able to grab some blogging time this weekend… and with the pool opening, gazebo construction and summer starting, there will undoubtedly be hubby stories galore!

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Happy Holidays!

From our family to yours….. please have a very safe & happy holiday!

And… I hope you get everything you’ve wished for.   I, on the other hand, am probably not getting a live in maid and a bag of puppies but I’m holding onto hope until tomorrow!



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